VINCheckVehicle Is A Trusted Vehicle History Report Provider In the USA And Canada With Free VIN Check And Lookup.

As part of the automobile industry for the past ten years, VINCheckVehicle has been the best online vehicle history report provider. Our free VIN check tool uses technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and an advanced web-based system. We provide instant results for any used vehicle by its 17 characters vehicle identification number (VIN).

Benefits Of VINCheckVehicle

In the market for used Vehicles, We provide buyers and sellers benefit significantly from Vehicle reports. That gives the accurate information available for making the right decision, Before buying or selling the vehicle.

100% Quality Guarantee

VINCheckVehcile connects users to automotive's reliable databases in the USA. That provides millions of customers 100% satisfaction and guarantees the accuracy of vehicle information with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Official Data Source

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), the National Vehicle Service (NVS) and the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The U.S. Department of Justice programs protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles.

How It Works

To access VinCheckVehicle, You only need to input the VIN of the vehicle. Then, the system will generate an automatic background report about the car.

  • 1. Enter VIN

    Enter your vehicle's 17-digit number, known as VIN. The VIN is located on your vehicle's title or the dashboard on the driver's side.

  • 2. VIN Lookup

    Select a report package, and then make the payment. After successful payment, you will be redirected to your bank account.

  • 3. View History Report

    Congratulations! The history report is now available, and copies have been delivered via email to the address you provided. It is now possible to download or print it.


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A comprehensive history report about your vehicle.

Sample Report

Free VIN Check & Lookup

Nowadays, finding out the hidden facts about any used vehicle around the USA and Canada has become more accessible. Like trusted sources of U.S. and Canadian provincial motor vehicle agencies, plus many police and fire departments. Vehicle history reports about your used vehicle have become more authentic than ever.

Auto Types

VIN Decoder

The free VIN Decoder tool is designed to decode any VIN as a vehicle identifier, which interprets a vehicle's history of any used car. Enter the VIN and see the details with free basic checks like a model, year, and safety rating.

License Plate Lookup

Free License Plate Lookup is the process to find out more about your vehicle. First, you have to enter the license plate number on your vehicle's license plate. Avoid making unnecessary trips to your local DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles). We provide you with a free DMV license plate search.


Window Sticker By VIN

VINCheckVehicle is a proud original Window Sticker provider for your vehicle. Online Window Sticker is also known as a Monroney label. It's highly suggested one must have the original window sticker. By United States law, every car must contain Windows Sticker. It also benefits you while selling the car. The potential buyers can determine if the vehicle possesses the features they are looking for.

Window Sticker
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