BMW VIN Number Decoder

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is the identification code of a specific automobile. The VIN acts as the car's fingerprint, as neither of the two working vehicles has the exact VIN. A VIN consists of 17 characters (digits and uppercase letters) which act as a particular identifier for the car.

Each BMW car has a unique identification code called VIN. Its Number includes essential information about the vehicle, such as its manufacturer, the plant in which it was built, year of production, engine type, model and much more. So, for example, if someone wants to buy their car, it is possible to check the VIN one online database to assure that the vehicle was not damaged, stolen or altered illegally.

Benefits Of Our Best BMW VIN Decoder And Lookup

Each vehicle has a unique identification number. Therefore, knowing the BMW VIN Decoder options can be a fast and trustworthy way to learn more about the car and its past.VIN is a particular format that is recognized globally.

Every car maker must mark all their vehicles in this specific format. This online service permits the user to check the accuracy of the car and bring detailed information on almost any VIN, find BMW car parts and check the car history . VIN also allows the user to obtain a BMW build sheet.

With the help of BMW VIN, you can quickly check the service history of BMW Car. Sometimes, the car owner may present a stack of paperwork detailing every service, but these records aren't uncommon to get lost. You can track a new BMW from production to delivery and find aftermarket parts for your BMW vehicle by VIN.


WMI Numbers 1 via 3 are WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier). The first Number of any VIN represents the country of origin or final processing factory. For example, numbers 1, 4, and 5 present the U.S. 2 as Canada, and the number 3 represents Mexico. The next digit represents the manufacturer. For example, C' can be Chrysler, 'G' is for General Motors and 'B' for BMW. The third digit connected with the first two may specify the type of automobile, such as a truck, SUV, or car.

Automobile Descriptor

Numbers 4 via 8 define the automobile descriptor section. It tells the model, body, restraint, engine, and transmission information.

Check Digit

Number 9 is a check digit. The ninth digit is called a car security code. It is a code that may be a number or a specific letter that the manufacturer prepares to confirm the authenticity of the whole Number.

Vehicle Identification Section (VIS)

Numbers 10 to 17 represent the vehicle identifier section. The tenth digit is the model year. For example: if the 10th digit is a 'D,' the vehicle is a 2013 model.

Plant Code

The 11th Number is the manufacturer's code. Automobile manufacturers have their specific code representing which firm made these cars, trucks, or SUVs.

Production Number

Numbers 12 via 17 digits number the car calls as it rolls through the production line. These numbers are usually sequential. So, for example, the very first of that car might end in 000001.

Characters not used in a VIN

The characters I, O, and Q are not used in VIN.

Information Include With A BMW VIN Check Services

It is possible to get information about the car factory configuration with Free VIN Check. Some of this information will be clear just by looking at the car.

  • Country of manufacture
  • Year of production
  • Maker
  • Brand
  • Vehicle type
  • Engine type and size
  • Transmission type
  • Body type
  • Model
Make Model
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BMW bmw e30
BMW bmw suv
BMW bmw 335i
BMW bmw i4
BMW bmw x4
BMW bmw 328i
BMW bmw e36
BMW bmw s1000rr
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BMW bmw 2021
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Where To Find The BMW VIN?

  • It is on the side that faces the driver. Just step outside the car and gaze behind the windshield.
  • On the driver's side, the door's corner is the pillar. Look over the location where the door joins with your car.
  • If you cannot find your VIN found in any of these locations, It is also possible to check at the engine block under the underside of the hood. In addition, it will appear on registration or insurance papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to know my Vehicle's VIN?

Because each car has a unique identification number, knowing BMW's VIN can be a fast and reliable way to learn more about the car and its past.

Do I have to be legal to use my BMW's VIN in sharing?

Knowing BMW's unique VIN makes it easy to get exact information about a specific car. For this reason, adding a VIN to the list when selling a car is a common practice and is usually encouraged.

Can you provide VIN decoder data for older vehicles?

You have to contact the vehicle manufacturer if your vehicle has been manufactured. Before 1981. They have theirs in-house records for that vehicle.