Buick VIN Number Decoder

In the United States, Buick was one of the earlier automobile manufacturers. In the olden days, it was a plumbing company. The company was founded in 1899 as Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company but was renamed Buick in 1903. It's headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Shortly afterward, the CEO, David Dunbar Buick, closed all his plumbing industry and concentrated entirely on his hobby of automobile manufacturing.

Today, Buick is marketed globally, involving the United States, but not limited to Canada, China, Israel, and Mexico.

Enter your car's 17-digit VIN to decode your VIN. We will display your vehicle specification and history report containing thefts, detailed vehicle records, titles, accidents,free VIN Check and many more.

Why Should You Use VINCheckVehicle Buick VIN Lookup Tool?

Every Vehicle has a particular identification code called VIN. Our VIN number decoder contains essential details about the auto, such as its manufacturer, production year, the plant in which it was built, engine type, vehicle model, and much more. VINCheckVehicle's Buick VIN Decoder also authorizes the user to obtain a Buick build sheet.

Check the consistency of vehicle documents, vehicle information, or the seller's disclosure.

Characteristics Of Buick VIN Number

Every character of VIN suggests specific vehicle data adding the car's model and year's model, production data, where it was manufactured, and many more.

Buick VINs are broken down into nine sections:

1-3rd character

Identify the Manufacturer

4-5th character


6th character

Indicates the car's Body Style

7th character

Tells the Restraint System

8th character

Tells Engine size and quality

9th character

Check Digit

10th character

Identify the Model Year of the vehicle

11th character

Identify Assembly Plant

12-17th character

Define Sequential Production Numbers

What information does VINCheckVehicle Provide With Buick VIN Check?

Each car maker must mark all their vehicles in this particular format. Its online service allows the user to study the accuracy of the car and bring information on almost any VIN, find Buick car parts, and check the vehicle history.

It includes an entire Buick vehicle history with these details:

  • Vehicle market value
  • vehicle equipment details
  • Vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Vehicle safety rating
  • Vehicle current warranty
  • Vehicle recalls and defects

Where To Find The Buick VIN?

  • It is on the side that faces the driver. Just step outside the car and gaze behind the windshield.
  • On the driver's side, the door's corner is the pillar. Look over the location where the door joins with your car.
  • If you cannot find your VIN found in any of these locations, It is also possible to check at the engine block under the underside of the hood. In addition, it will appear on registration or insurance papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Buick VIN located?

You can usually find your VIN in one of the following places: on the driver's side door jamb (sometimes on the passenger side), under the driver's side windshield, around the vehicle's firewall, or on the steering column.

How to decode VIN number?

You need to give your vehicle VIN number that you can find from registration, or you can also find it within your vehicle interior; Common VIN locations: Look at the dashboard near the windshield.

What is Buick VIN?

A vehicle identification number generally called a VIN, or simply VIN, is a 17-character code unique to your vehicle. It is a collection of numbers and letters that deliver valuable information about your car, including where made it, vehicle type, model year, and many more.